The Chalice Quartet


Anla sat with hands steepled in front of her lips. “Why do I feel like I teach you something, and then you be teach me nothing?” Sakilei said. “Shh. I’m trying to think of a way to explain this. It’s not easy like the encapsulation.” He shifted in an annoyed way, but held his tongue.


While the days were still hot, or at least comfortably warm, the nights were cool to the point that Anla was pulled from sleep several times. She and Sakilei slept far from the fire, which even as embers was usually enough to keep her asleep and happy with her group. She missed them. She missed


“Are you sure you didn’t need anything else?” Chockwell said. “I don’t mind lending you some money or clothes or food. Do you need food? We can go to the market and get some food.” “You’ve been more than helpful,” Raulin said. “All we needed was the information, really.” “I can give you the money,”


Raulin had promised himself that he would remain cordial to Anladet, to give her space. He had decided that, looking over their conversation more closely, it made the most sense that he had been a little too strong in his actions. She might be concerned that, having to spend the next eight months together, any


“There is a village ahead,” Tel said the next morning as they trekked farther south. “We will stop there.” Raulin looked up quickly at the sky, shielding his eyes from the sun. “It’s only about two o’clock. I mean, if that’s what you feel we should do, then that’s fine. But I was hoping for