The Chalice Quartet


It began at lunch. Anla saw people standing in line for food at the buffet look at her, then turn to the person next to them and whisper something. Then, that person would turn to look at her and stare. To her credit, she plastered on a smile that didn’t waver even when the couple


“I’m sorry,” Grané said. “A lady such as yourself shouldn’t have seen that.” “I’m fine,” Anla replied, slowing down. “You don’t seem fine, if I may say so. You look a little peaked. Maybe you should sit down for a moment? I could go get you some tea or water.” “I’ll be okay, Grané.” She


There was an odd comfort about the shrine, especially for a place that Anla had never been to before. It took her a few moments to realize it was because the architecture and ambiance of the place was a strange facsimile of the elvish style. They didn’t use the forest magics that pure-bloods had to


Raulin and Al’s discussion on the way to Mount Kalista was a difficult balancing act for the trirec. If he knew with absolute certainty that Al could figure out how to get him out of Arvarikor, he would have told him everything. But, he couldn’t give in to that hope. He wouldn’t give himself a


“Can I haggle?” Al asked. “No,” Raulin said at the same moment Anla said, “Yes.” “I don’t want to be here all afternoon,” he explained. “He’s getting better at bartering,” she said. “I think it’s a good skill for him to work on.” “All right,” he said, shrugging. “No more than a half-hour, Wizard.” Al