The Chalice Quartet


It started even before Raulin handed his invitation to Vanif’s valet standing at the gate. People would eye him, turn to their partner or friend, and begin to whisper about him, eyes flickering back and resting. Who was he? Why was he alone? How did he know Remint? Why didn’t anyone know him? At this


There was a light knock on Raulin’s door that evening. “Come in,” he said, turning around from the desk in his new room.  The last innkeeper had seemed disappointed they had left after one night and Raulin had been unsure whether it was due to the loss of business or the loss of gossip.  For


Raulin entered a busy restaurant and noted the usual wary looks people were giving him. There was something to be said about being feared; you were either unbothered or fawned over. He shoved past the apprehensive maitre d’, stopped, and looked around as if he was searching for someone. No one said anything; in fact,


“Are you awake?” Anla whispered. Raulin cracked open one eye and looked to his left. She had wound the blanket so that it covered the top of her face and head, leaving her nose and mouth exposed. “Yes, I’m awake.” “Okay. I didn’t peek. Let me know when your mask is back on.” He sat


“It’s one of the few times being poor has saved me money,” Raulin said, tossing his room key up and catching it mid-air. “I still don’t know why we don’t just get horses and ride places,” Al said.. “It would save us a lot of time. And I wouldn’t have so many blisters on my