The Chalice Quartet


Raulin was pulled down several streets, the group of young adults laughing and waving at the people watching them. They stopped in front of a restaurant as one young man ran in, then gestured for them to come in. He was swept upstairs to a loft that was unoccupied, the group taking seats at a


Al followed the first mate back to the brig. He knocked on the door to Raulin’s room and opened it a few moments later. “Sir?” “Yes?” “It seems we’ve incarcerated you in error. On behalf of the Kervin Company and the crew of the Constance on the Sea, I’d like to offer you your freedom


There was a knock on the door.  “Raulin?  May I come in?” “Tel!  Yes, of course.  Welcome to my humble abode.” Tel ducked his head as he entered and sat on the floor.  Raulin didn’t offer him a chair, since he had already missed his opportunity at good manners.  “How are you doing, my friend?” “It’s a little boring, I have


They were half-way through lunch when Al asked, “Are we going?” “To what, Wizard?” “The duel.” Raulin patted his lips with a napkin, sensing there was a discussion at hand. “Why?” “Well, most people aboard are going, right?  It’s the fashionable thing to do. And I’ve never seen one before. I’m interested in what happens during


Al was a sick as a dog. He hung over the railing of the ship, sipping on water in between his bouts of vomiting it back up a few minutes later. If he laid down, his seasickness was a little better, but he had to keep his eyes closed and not interact with anyone else.