The Chalice Quartet


August broke, the weather not changing very much save for a few storms that made spying on people a plague.  It wasn’t fun working in muggy air that caused him to sweat so much that his shirts were soaked after an hour, but that was better than torrential downpours that lasted for hours to days. 


Raulin returned with the rest of the quartet in tow on Saturday and waited until most of the crowd had poured out of the tent before making his way inside. Kazi was prepared for their arrival, having tea and scones prepared. His room was cramped with four extra chairs in addition to the desk, vanity,


Raulin leaned near the door marked “Do not enter” next to stage right. The musicians, sparkies, and several other workers shuffled past him and he nodded when they glanced his way, hoping he looked like just another masked man among so many others. After about ten minutes, a young man in a feathered black mask


They managed to make it to Varash Square just in time to see the tail end of the parade. Even having started several weeks ago, thick crowds still clogged the streets, vying for a chance to watch the theatrics. It hadn’t occurred to Raulin before that point why exactly they walked on stilts, but he


It was, at least, a kind gesture, one that had good intentions and heart. But, not all plans have the expected outcome. Raulin called on Vanif that evening and invited him to lunch as soon as possible. His friend was puzzled, but moved around his schedule to see him the next day. The evening he