Content Rating

Because I understand that some people like to read who might suffer from PTSD or other issues, or they’re underage, or they just plain don’t like certain content, I’m going to be as open about what I’d like to present without giving away spoilers.  If you have no objections to any kind of content, please discontinue as it might ruin the element of surprise.

The Chalice Quartet:

Violence: One of the main characters is a ninja-type person.  Yes, there will be violence.  He kills people, though probably not as many as you might think.  Descriptions are sufficient: not incredibly in depth, but also not glossed over.  There might be torture, but again won’t be incredibly in depth, but not glossed over.

Sexual Content:  There will be a few scenes that are sexual in nature, but I have decided to keep the scenes at “fade-to-black” or vague.  There will be some frank talk about sex, though not that often since the stage is set in a Victorian-type era.

Rape: None.  There may be allusions to characters speaking about rape, but no graphic history of it relayed nor any scenes involving rape or sexual assault.

Swearing: Almost none.  For the most part, the language is clean if a bit archaic.  I think it suits the tone better not to swear.  However, there are a few choice words.  I’ll be very limiting in their appearances.

Other Site Content (including the Bio page):

Since each story will have its own tone and needs, and I haven’t written or even thought of everything I want to post yet, I’m going to create a code for the upper-right corner that you’d have to have read this section to understand.  R S V X (Rape, Swearing, Violence, Sexual Content).
In general, I don’t gravitate towards rape/sexual assault scenes, but sometimes the story calls for it.  I probably won’t write many of those and I hope that if I do, I do it with the responsibility and gravity it deserves.  I do gravitate towards swearing and sometimes violence and frank talk of sexual situations.