They had set out south the following morning, hugging the eastern coastline. It would be a straight shot to Miscomme where ferries departed for Genale, Ailetol, Anistaf, and Tektorn, just a few days of travel. The first village had been nice, but had little in the way of interest outside of a tavern where a


“How well did you sleep last night?” Raulin asked Al when he walked downstairs to the common room. “Not well. I dreamed…” he began, but trailed off. “That’s all right, Wizard. I don’t think I need to hear what your mind came up with after yesterday’s foray into the dark world. Come. We’re going to


Hanala was a long day’s walk from Libsin, full of the normal stares from people that passed them by. They stayed at an inn on the edge of the city, crashing after a long day of too many steps and not enough of the food and friendship they normally shared on the road. “Feels like


An experienced person will be able to tell the ocean is close by certain signs. A step on the ground with soles soft enough, perhaps, will give away that the composition as higher in sand than farther inland. A trained eye will see a change in the landscape, trees stunted by the salt air, terns