The Chalice Quartet


“Mrs. Falenghast,” Al said. “It’s good to see you again.” “And you as well. I always enjoy our Friday meetings.” He offered her his arm and she placed her gloved hand on it lightly. She gave him an amused nod of her head and he smiled at their inside joke on over-formality. Al had repeated


His mouth went dry. “Fire? What fire?” Ember rolled her eyes and fanned herself harder. “Are you saying you’re not cognizant of what transpired yesterday?” “No,” he said, sighing. “I’m sorry. I should have done something.” “You should have.” She snapped her fan shut and stood. “May we walk? Your room is stifling and Milxner’s


They say a man is awake before dawn for three reasons: he’s a farmer, he’s a thief, or he’s shouldering a heavy burden. Al wasn’t a farmer. Nor was he a thief, though that would change in the coming weeks. He had laid in bed awake, counting the minutes by, because he had set his