The Chalice Quartet


I have to get out of here. Now.  He forgot his masterful creep-step and walked as quickly as he could to the front of the shop. He heard his feet slapping and squelching, looked down, and realized how much water he had tracked into the shop. Right at the moment he had the thought to


For most of the fourteen days since his discussion with Ember, Al had managed to perfect the craft of procrastination.  In fact, not only did he take no action, he tried as well as he could not to think about it, either.  Every time the thought surfaced, he’d skim it out of his mind with


Alpine sat again and gave Ember several minutes to think. She looked conflicted, even biting her painted lips and smearing makeup on her teeth. Finally, she sighed and looked at him with resignation. “You know of Berlont’s shop, just down the alley in the back?” “The antique and artifact shop? Yes.” “We will be squared


“And how was last night?” Ember asked, pouring herself some breakfast tea at lunch. Al slouched forward in his seat, his hands holding his head in a vice grip. Doing so made the headache a fraction less strong and every little bit counted when it came to hangovers. “Went drinking. Aggie stiffed a whore. Twice.


Al and Aggie stumbled down the street, dodging past any man that happened to open a door and step outside. One even managed to grab ahold of Al’s sleeve, but Aggie yanked his friend from the man’s grasp. “I went the wrong way,” Aggie said after they ducked into a side street. “We need to