The Chalice Quartet


Having spent so much time in Hanala, and never venturing beyond its boundaries, Anladet was surprised at how quickly the city turned to farmland.  She and Al had walked north for a day and slept in the forest.  Though they had grown used to camping, it was quite a jarring experience to sleep on soft,


The clerk cleared his throat. “I meant I needed the name of the ship you were on.” “Oh,” Telbarisk said, “I apologize. I thought you meant you were interested in kouriya.  The ship was called the Gueylard.” The clerk scratched the name down. “And how long do you plan on staying in Gheny?” “I am


Telbarisk slept on the forecastle that night, the breeze cooling him into comfort.  He awoke often, watching the stars in the sky move slowly away from his gaze. He noted that when he awoke, the ship’s sails weren’t as bellied as they needed to be.  He pulled the kil in from the ocean until filled


The ship took flight the next morning. Spirits were lifted when the afternoon passed and they still maintained incredible speed. “Queyella blesses us, chaps!” the captain said. His voice boomed out instructions with laughter in between. He needn’t bother; the first mate was in charge of orders and he kept the men busy. When he


Once the boat was far enough from the island that the grivven couldn’t walk back by touching the sand below the water, the man behind him put away his knife. “You won’t do anything stupid, right, straw man?” “If I was going to do something, I would have done it by now.” And the options,