The Chalice Quartet


“And how was last night?” Ember asked, pouring herself some breakfast tea at lunch. Al slouched forward in his seat, his hands holding his head in a vice grip. Doing so made the headache a fraction less strong and every little bit counted when it came to hangovers. “Went drinking. Aggie stiffed a whore. Twice.


Al and Aggie stumbled down the street, dodging past any man that happened to open a door and step outside. One even managed to grab ahold of Al’s sleeve, but Aggie yanked his friend from the man’s grasp. “I went the wrong way,” Aggie said after they ducked into a side street. “We need to


“Number two will be to accompany Stalagmite to a tavern tonight and drink until you can’t see straight,” Ember said. Al wasn’t surprised she had managed to convince Aggie to drink. It was like convincing a fish to swim. “What is that supposed to accomplish?” Al asked. “It will get you out of your abode


Ember hadn’t said anything about involving other wizards. Al leaned against the doorway to Milxner’s as he watched Aggie from across the room. He had been given the next day to finish his first task, which on the grand scale of things wasn’t that bad. It was doable, even though Al understood he was about


“Mrs. Falenghast,” Al said. “It’s good to see you again.” “And you as well. I always enjoy our Friday meetings.” He offered her his arm and she placed her gloved hand on it lightly. She gave him an amused nod of her head and he smiled at their inside joke on over-formality. Al had repeated