The Chalice Quartet


The large building located in the northern part of the compound housed the trirecs in splendor.  The honor was in reality a cubicle with a bed and a bureau, barely ten paces in each direction.  It was divided on either side and the hallway with wooden walls, but the fourth side was more of a


Raulin had always enjoyed bargaining in markets.  He took delight in talking a merchant down a few silvers, feeling he got the best of the deal. The seller would lament that he’d be put out of business if Raulin bought any more pomelos ,Raulin assured him that he didn’t have anyone else he knew that loved


Neshihon and Raulin left early the next morning after breakfast. He had, yet again, forgotten to negotiate terms with the to’ken and was expected to row for hours at a time. When he got tired, sweat soaking the back of his shirt badly enough that he could wring it out, Neshihon would take over for


Raulin had parted company with the strange man and spent some time strolling throughout the village.  There wasn’t too much to be seen.  Aside from the docks and the walkways that connected the house boats to the main village, there were only a few other clusters of buildings and the occasional art piece or garden. 


The rest of the morning was spent paddling around the area and collecting anything useful from the wreckage.  Raulin felt like they were picking daisies off of a grave.  He was silent in reverence to the lives lost, though he wished to convince the to’ken to hurry.  He’d rather not linger in that area for