The Chalice Quartet


Al’s superior night vision helped immensely as they ran through the forest.  They still tripped over stones and scratches their legs on bushes, but they were able to keep to the path. There were breaks where they needed to make their way down ravines or cross streams at a slow pace, giving them a chance


“Al?” Anladet asked softly. He hadn’t moved, hadn’t said anything in the five minutes since she had told him. He just stared into the fire, tapping his foot lightly. “Al, I…” “I suppose this is my first lesson in being hoodwinked, then?” he spat. “We could have parted ways without you ever knowing. You’re the


Al had taken a while to fall asleep. Every strange sound made him startle and, having never spent much time outdoors, every sound was strange. Anladet had turned towards him and snuggled up against his back, curling an arm around his ribs at one point. He had been in the throws of his letdown, paranoid


Anla’s friend Riyan had once broken down people into three types. “The privileged are the people who like to pretend there’s nothing wrong with the world. Maybe they don’t know.  Maybe they’re like horses, with blinders on so they don’t spook away from things.  Privileged people don’t know what a back alley looks like, don’t