The Chalice Quartet


Bracefort, now that was a castle. A massive one, too, with dozens of towers and turrets, battlements that lined the entire wall, arrow slits, murder holes, machicolations, and ramparts a plenty. And it was all stone, too, with only banners of blue, red, and white to break up the monotony. Should an army or a


A few weeks passed into September, not that it made too much difference in the way of weather. A few more heavy storms ripped through, dumping inches of rain and flooding certain parts of the capital, but for the most part the weather remained warm and humid. Raulin whistled as he made his way to


Raulin was very pleased at the eventual progress. He, Al, and Anla went to the president of WSI the next day and laid out all the evidence they had gathered. Presenting the evidence against his son Marchen had been disheartening, but the president seemed to take this with less emotion than Al had shown. Raulin


Al’s work continued over the next two weeks, but it was much easier for him. If anyone managed to catch him roaming around, he did their tasks, but he put little thought into it. Folio deliveries were done while he kept his eye out for suspicious activities. Tea was made while he listened to gossip


“Tea with lemon,” Jansil said. “Yes, sir,” Al replied as he walked down the hallway. “Take these to Caprin, up one floor and in the northwest section,” Oubrey said, slamming a large folio of letters into Al’s arms. “Yes, sir,” Al replied. A man stuck his head out of his office and snapped his fingers