The Chalice Quartet


The Mirana Estate was aglow with torches lining the front walkway and lit candelabras and chandeliers inside. For an event that was supposed to be conspicuous, it certainly didn’t appear so. Anla’s arm was draped lightly over Raulin’s. With the sky beginning to darken, her dress appeared almost black, the highlights winking in the torchlight.


Anla laughed. She used the back of her hand to stifle her outburst, but she was still loud. Raulin’s eyebrows furrowed as he stood before her, unmasked for the first time. “Is there a problem?” he asked testily. “Oh, no! Raulin, I’m sorry! I’m not laughing at you. I’m just…relieved. You wear a mask all


Raulin awoke with the early dawn, still foggy from a few hours of missed sleep. Anla was still sprawled out next to him, her hair falling onto her face in a way that was almost artistic. He breathed in that moment, then turned away to put on his mask and shirt. After his exercises and


It started even before Raulin handed his invitation to Vanif’s valet standing at the gate. People would eye him, turn to their partner or friend, and begin to whisper about him, eyes flickering back and resting. Who was he? Why was he alone? How did he know Remint? Why didn’t anyone know him? At this


There was a light knock on Raulin’s door that evening. “Come in,” he said, turning around from the desk in his new room.  The last innkeeper had seemed disappointed they had left after one night and Raulin had been unsure whether it was due to the loss of business or the loss of gossip.  For