There are four ways you can support Forest Green’s writing:

  1. Word-of-mouth advertising. If you like what you see here, tell someone!  A friend, a family member, in a post, on Facebook, on Reddit, on Tumblr, on AOL Instant Mess- no, wait.  We can’t do the last one.  All the others, though, please let anyone you think will like my work know about my work.
  2. Editing.  For those with a savvy eye, please let me know about my grammar and spelling mistakes.  Also, if something reads oddly, I’d like to correct that. (The style I use in The Chalice Quartet reflects the times and is intentionally a bit high-brow and antiquated.  That I am aware of.  What I don’t want is a sentence that has strange grammar that confuses people.) I’d prefer it to be in the comments section, under one heading, so that I don’t get several e-mails about the same issue.
  3. Donate through PayPal.  I plan on cutting the series into five, seven-arc books, if that helps you figure out what you’d like to give. 
  4. Donate through Patreon.  I have a confusing algorithm I can give you, involving the time spent reading divided by your hourly pay rate or something, but honestly I appreciate anything you can give.  I have it set to monthly for the time being and would love feedback on what feels like a fair tier system that doesn’t punish non-payers.  (Button located under posts until I can figure out how to move it here.  User name: Forest_Green )