“Wizard?” Raulin asked. The curtains had been drawn, so it was hard to see detail in the suite, even with his mask on. Al laid on the bench, but his chest heaved as he sobbed. “What do I do?” he whispered. Raulin walked over to the edge of the bed and sat, unsure of what


“Chigrant,” Iyessa said as Raulin sat down. “Chigrant, really? And here I thought I knew my stoneworkers.” “He’s a local artist based in Kikiyan, a friend of my lord’s.” “Hmm, I might have to look him up and ask him for some pointers. Chocolate-covered peanuts?” he asked, holding a small burlap sack with the candy.


Avo sei concra, Raulin had decided that morning, a phrase that translated to “wounded bird”. It was is favored position, one that he had already acted in Carvek and in Iascond at the bookstore. There was something about being underestimated that he enjoyed, playing meek to disarm and never letting his true motivations show. People


Kikiyan did not pass Raulin’s city quality test. He could dismiss the weird looks given by the locals, since not only did they have a trirec, but a man in a cart and a giant among them. The other two points failed by its own neglect: the streets were muddy and full of potholes and


Anla’s hand was outreached, several feet away from the ledge. Then, both flew to her mouth, suppressing a gasp. She stopped and couldn’t move for a few moments from the shock. He was gone. Then she heard two thuds, one after the other, following by a yell to her left. “Shit!” Raulin groaned through clenched