Al felt the tell-tale echo-y shift around him that indicated Anla had silenced what they were saying to anyone outside their circle. “What’s going on?” he asked, having a slight fear that he knew exactly what was going on. “Several men came to the hotel saying there was a stolen item they were looking for.


Al whipped around and took a step back when he recognized the speaker. “Ember? What are you doing here?” “I am here to claim what’s rightfully mine, Alpine,” she said, her thin eyebrows knotting. “You owe me fifty gold and a chalice, if I’m not mistaken.” “You are,” he said, licking his lips. “The fifty


Telbarisk had been good for making Al feel calmer about his situation, but didn’t give him an answer as to what he should do. Anla had been better. “Al, why is it that you never apply your calculating knowledge to yourself?” she asked after he had finished talking about Burdet and Marnie and what he


Today was definitely not going to get better for Al. He, too, had needed information on someone and knew of only one place to get it. After being chewed out, he headed towards the location and suspected he was going to get another tongue lashing. But, it needed to be done. The apartment Al was


Al hadn’t had a Chapman’s Water since May and realized he hadn’t been missing very much. There had been too many other kinds of drink over the last few months to really enjoy the tastes of home. Not that he could admit he had enjoyed it much to being with. He was pondering whether it