As they left the shipping warehouse, Anla grabbed Al’s arm and squeezed. “You really did miss your calling. Well done.” “Thanks,” he said, grinning. “It reminded me of getting Tel off the hook down in Wyok. At least I get paid this time.” They started walking across the street to the point they were supposed


Raulin looked over the notes they had taken, impressed by Anla’s attention to detail. “Just because everyone was cleared by the police doesn’t mean I’ll clear them,” he said. “Someone is doing this and, thus far, they’ve been lucky to have snuck by the notice of everyone. We’ll go over everyone, then we’ll go over


After spending the better part of the morning coming up with aliases and a list of questions to ask, the quartet checked out of the hotel and set their things up in a new one, closer to Lady Amirelsa’s home. It was more expensive, but they were willing to settle after two hotels refused the


Raulin startled awake when he heard a pounding on the door the next morning. “Go ahead and let him in,” he said to Tel. “Is it Alpine?” he asked, standing as he yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Well I sure hope it isn’t Lord Mirana.” The door opened with a click and


The door swung open easily and he entered quickly, shutting it as softly as he could. There was only one candelabra lit in the room, on the other side of a very large room. He wished he had his mask, which would have improved his sight considerably. Instead, he was forced to find where Mirana and